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About JD

JD Lien is a web developer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He currently works for Edmonton Public Library in the Web Services department and is completing his BSc in Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University.

In his spare time, he likes road biking, washing his car, and photographing cute bunnies.



Some of the software projects JD has worked on.

  1. epl.ca/ETS - Edmonton Transit System schedules that allow you to see when all busses or trains will arrive at a given stop. Uses transit data from City of Edmonton, St. Albert, and Strathcona County, and also updates using realtime transit data to show if busses are early or late. Works with Google Maps to allow you to visualize transit routes.
    ETS LRT Schedule
    See when the LRT or bus arrives.
  2. spndr.ca - A web-based tool for scanning grocery items and tracking a price history in your web browser. Very handy for grocery shopping. Works by querying Superstore's website and retrieving product information.
    spndr.ca screenshot
    Great on a portable micro-computer!
  3. Kaleidoscope FunctionalColor - A firmware plugin for the Keyboardio Model 01 keyboard that allows users to color keys based on their current function, changing when switched to different function layers.
    The Keyboardio Model 01
    Look at all those pretty colors!
  4. Color Unit Converter - A tool to play with color and see color values in different color systems.
  5. Unit Converter - Allows instant conversion between a unit and all compatible units.
  6. Mortgage Calculator - Allows mortage information to be entered to determine payment amounts or time to complete payment as well as the total interest calculated.
  7. Randomizer - Enter a list of something (like people's names) and watch it get shuffled into a random order.
  8. Light - Simple page with an adjustable color background you can use to light up your face for video recording or video calls. Very relevant in the era of remote work! Works well with multiple displays.



JD can be found on Twitter at @jdlien.

You may email me by sending a message to my username, jd, at this domain.


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