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About JD

JD Lien is a full-stack web developer specializing in:
  • Laravel, Vue & Livewire
  • High-performance SQL DBs
  • PHP & ColdFusion Backend
  • CSS, Tailwind & Sass

JD's mission is to help web developers around the world improve their skills and career while enjoying the process.

He is the senior web developer for Edmonton Public Library. JD recently earned a BSc, with distinction, in Computing and Information Systems.

When not causing problems with code, he enjoys cycling, automotive detailing, and photography.



Find JD on Twitter at @jdlien.

You may email him using the form below.

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Some of the software projects JD has worked on. (Public repos: github.com/jdlien)

  1. epl.ca/ETS - Edmonton Transit System schedules that show when busses/trains arrive at stops. Uses transit data from City of Edmonton. Using realtime data it shows if busses are early or late. Routes are visualized in Google Maps.
    ETS LRT Schedule
    See when the LRT or bus arrives.
  2. MEGA World - Multiplayer Educational Game. Players interact with NPCs and other players to complete quests across a large world. Complete with a Laravel/Livewire-based management system to edit game content.
    spndr.ca screenshot
    Let the learning begin…
  3. spndr.ca - Tool for scanning grocery items and tracking price history. Handy for grocery shopping. Works by retrieving product information from Superstore's API.
    spndr.ca screenshot
    Great on a handheld computer!
  4. Kaleidoscope FunctionalColor - A firmware plugin for the Keyboardio Model 01 keyboard allowing keys colored by their function, changing for different function layers.
    Written in highly optimized C++.
    The Keyboardio Model 01
    Look at all those pretty colors!
  5. Color Unit Converter - A tool to play with color and see color values in different color systems.
  6. Unit Converter - Allows instant conversion between a unit and all compatible units.
  7. Mortgage Calculator - Allows mortage information to be entered to determine payment amounts or time to complete payment as well as the total interest calculated.
  8. Password Generator - Configurable tool to create strong passwords. No dependencies, 100% client side.
  9. My-IP.ca - Shows your IP and ISP. Clean and simple, no ads, no tracking BS.
  10. List Randomizer - Enter in a list of names and shuffle them. Great for party games, draws, etc.
  11. Cognitive Biases - An interactive list of cognitive biases that are commonly detrimental to human reasoning.


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